Callum Ross

About Me

My name is Callum. I am a writer and author based in Fife, Scotland. I’ve been writing since my early teens from small pieces of poetry, short stories and personal diaries.

My website will be a place for me to display various aspects of my life including my personal diary/blog throughout 2021 that I will update each week. I will also share some stories and poetry that I have created. I hope that by the end of 2021 I will be able to establish myself.

Diary of Callum Ross 2021

My public diary/journal/blog. This will be updated each Friday throughout the year of 2021. Although I have written a diary for many years I have made the decision to post it online this year. I will write about many things from my mental health, my personal life, my latest crush and of course the general things from my day-to-day life.