Entry Number 3

So, it its almost midnight on 15th January and as I promised myself as a new years resolution I would make 1 entry a week on a Friday. I don’t really feel the need to write at the moment so this may be a little forced, but didn’t want to give up on my resolution this early as I am usually pretty good at sticking to my promises.

I went for a longer-than-expected nap today and woke up around 9pm. I wanted to order myself some churros and slush (tango ice blast) to give myself a little treat as when I woke up my mood was a little low. I placed the order a little after 9pm and they said it would arrive at 2215 but then changed it to 2245. It still hadn’t arrived at 2330 and I got a little upset so I canceled my order and got a full refund, to receive my order at 2345. The churros weren’t even that good and I was again disappointed, but basically free food! They also included a free small tub of ice cream so I gave that to my dad.

Working in Lockdown

I have been working all week as I am unable to work from home. I am working at a site that is around 25 minutes drive from my house and although I could just drive 2 minutes to the base and get a work van, I have chosen to take my own car as I don’t get very many chances to drive under the current restrictions. Work has been my sweet escape this week.

I am working with 1 guy and we are able to social distance well within the room. We also get on pretty well as sometimes we find ourselves just chatting and not getting any work done. Although somehow we are still ahead of schedule! 

One of our managers came in today with another colleague to drop off some stuff for us and he was surprised to see we were still there at 1pm. He expected us to have disappeared as it was Friday. We then spoke about what work that had to be done next week and he told us as long as the job gets done we are able to choose our own working hours within reason. So, discussed with my colleague and we decided that we work best at the beginning of the week so to get the big job out of the way on Monday/Tuesday and then take it a little easier for the rest of the week. As we are unable to do our normal job at this time these jobs are enough to get us through the next few weeks or so. 


Throughout my diaries I’ve mentioned that I wanted to get photos printed off and make myself a collection of books. Unfortunately I have never had the time or energy to actually get them made. I started taking personal photos in 2004, so I have 16/17 years worth of photos to create. I feel that the longer I leave it the less photos I would include. There’s so many faces that I don’t recognise anymore and yet I know that I had very different friend circles over the years. I think this weekend I will start choosing photos and what sort of photo books I want. I don’t want something cheap looking but don’t mind spending money on something that is important to me. 

I helped my mum get some photos of my nephew (her grandson) printed. He’s almost a year old now and yet we only have 50 photos. It’s so nice that they have got physical copies as my dad appreciates them more. He’s a little old fashioned that way but I share the same belief as him. There’s many pros and cons of both physical and digital photos but I know of so many occasions with my friends that they have lost or broken their phones and lost all of their photographs. I would hate to lose all my memories in that sense. Also one of the reasons I like to keep a diary!

Summer clothes 

Throughout the week I ordered myself some summer clothes. I have been wearing a lot of hats recently as to hide my longer hair as the barbers are closed. I bought myself a really nice black vest top with a rainbow collar, some pinkish white shorts and a white cap. I have a nice small collection of hats now and I think I want to buy myself some more clothes in ready for the summer as I am determined to get at least a few decent days out this year. I would like to travel more but I don’t want to focus on that too much at the moment as I am unsure what the COVID-19 situation will be like later.


I’ve never really mentioned gaming much in my diary but I feel as if I should start as it is a very large part of my life. Earlier in the week I wanted to play something new but wasn’t sure what. I have so many games on my shelf and so many of them have never been played. ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, a story based game, was the one I finally chose. I really enjoy the games from Quantic Dream as I played ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Detroit: Become Human’ previously. The controls are a little difficult at first but I get used to them pretty fast. I managed to complete the game in 3 days. I could have spent longer playing it again and make different decisions but I am satisfied with my experience and I will move onto something else. Just unsure what will be next.

I have also been playing ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ a lot with Mike. It’s an MMO that we have both played for 7 years. It’s not always about playing the game but just voice chatting for a few hours and talking about whatever we’ve been up to. Another slice of sanity that is much needed.

Vaccinations at 5.1%

At of today there are 5.1% of the adult population in Scotland vaccinated against COVID-19. Although just the first dose, the vaccinations should be ramped up in the coming weeks.

The second dose is at 0.01%

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