Weekly Routine

My weekly routine lately hasn’t been that great to be honest. I am so thankful to be able to get into work and I don’t know what I would do if that wasn’t possible. I work Monday to Friday and leave home around 930am and get to work around 10am. I get home from work between 3 and 4 it just depends on the jobs we are asked to do. I have something to eat with my parents at 4:30pm, it’s so nice to be able to eat as a family although we don’t really talk much. Most days I go for a nap for a varied amount of time. Sometimes I just rest for 30 minutes and other times it may be 3 hours. I find it hard to sleep at normal times because my sleeping schedule is in 2 parts. Sometimes I go to bed a little after midnight and other times it may be 3-4am. 

The weekend is much different. I may stay awake until 5/6am on a Friday and Saturday night and not get out of bed until 4pm. There isn’t much to do these days as with lockdown restrictions. I’ve always had trouble with a normal sleep routine and it is so difficult to try and fix that, especially when the only thing I can really do is work. Although I have really enjoyed my Saturday evening walks with Lisa as you are still allowed to meet 1 other person from another household but only outdoors. I think it is important for me to remain connected with others although it may be difficult .

Routine has always been extremely important to me and I hope that as and when lockdown restrictions are lifted I could fix my routine into a little more normality. I would love to be the kind of person that is awake by 9am every day and is actually tired by 10pm. Also not feeling the need for a nap during the day. 

Final Fantasy XIV with Mike

Last week I mentioned that I play Final Fantasy XIV with Mike and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him in any of my diaries before. We went through high school together and we have been friends since we were about 14 years old. We were very close at one point but then when we were 16 we just drifted apart. 

It wasn’t until I was 19 and bumped into him at a gay bar that we eventually became close again. I never even knew he was gay. It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th time that I bumped into him in the bar that he eventually told me. Having told me he was just there with his flatmate which then he told me it was actually his boyfriend. 

Throughout the last few months playing online with him has been something we both look forward to and sometimes we go through different sorts of emotions. Like if either of us has had a bad day or feeling rather go, it gives us a chance to vent and let it all out. 

Not only have we played Final Fantasy XIV together for 7 years but the franchise has been in the foundations of our friendship since we were just 14 years old. We like to talk about our memories of the previous games and it’s always brought us close.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 

I started playing ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ on the PS4 and I completed it within a few days. It came out at the beginning of 2019 and it’s been in my wish list since then. I love those kind of story games that aren’t too long but short and to the point. I think I spent between 10 and 15 hours on it. The game is set during real world events but is mostly fiction. Set in France in the 1300’s during the time of the great plague and the war with the English. The plague really puts coronavirus into perspective. This current pandemic that we are in, which is what I thought about a lot when I was playing, awful as it may be. But we are safe if we stay at home and there aren’t any rats that carry this disease. 

I hope that I can buy and play more games like this with a decent gripping story. Also I love games that I can complete in just a few days and still feel the satisfaction of everything you could get from a AAA title. Although I still love games that offer me up to 100 hours of gameplay. 

Walk With Rachel

We met in a park in town just before 2pm after I had finished work. We were together for around an hour and a half and although the car park was full, there wasn’t many people walking around. I reckon it’s because people are sticking to the 2 people only rule. It was a nice walk and we both really needed that. I hadn’t seen Rachel since the beginning of December and we had a fair bit to catch up on.  We might go for another walk in the next few weeks. 

My favourite thing in the summer is to go out for an evening adventure. When it is still daylight at 8pm and the weather is warm enough to not need a jacket. A little drive to the beach or some wooded area. Maybe snap a few photographs and watch the sunset. Those are some of the things I miss about the summer and I am holding onto a hope that we will be able to do some of those things this year. 

Vaccinations at 6.6%

Today the vaccinations in Scotland are 6.6% of the population. That number isn’t as high as it should be in comparison to last week as last week only included those over the age of 18. So this percentage is the total population and look forward to seeing that number rise.

60 million people worldwide have had their vaccination out of a worldwide population of 7.8 billion. 

The second dose is still at 0.1%

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