An Awful Week

Another Trip To Hospital With Dad

Just an ordinary Monday morning as I was getting ready for work. My dad told me in the morning that he had a checkup at the doctors to get some blood taken. I didn’t think anything of it as that has been a pretty common occurrence lately. Things were improving. 

Although I started to realise that my parents aren’t being completely honest with me. When I got home from work there was a note in front of the TV (that’s where we leave all our notes as it is easier to notice a piece of paper in the middle of the floor. The note was from my mum just saying that my dad had a hospital appointment at 3pm. Again, I thought nothing of it and then I decided to go for my usual after-work nap.

I awoke just before 4pm to a message saying “going to be another hour, everything is fine”. Usually I would think nothing of it – but something told me it was a little strange. I asked where she was. I then tried calling her. There was no answer and I remembered I got a new phone number a few days prior. 20 minutes had passed and my mum tried to call me over messenger but it wouldn’t connect. I also tried to call my sister because I was thinking the worst and I understand not wanting to worry her as she is unable to visit – I still didn’t want to keep her out the loop. 

What felt like the longest hour, my parents arrived home with a big bag full of things. It was then I learned that my dad had been diagnosed with diabetes. This was caused after his problems with his pancreas last year. It was quite frightening seeing all the equipment he had brought home such as the device to test blood sugar levels and the needles (that actually don’t look anything like I thought they would). 

Due to COVID restrictions, my mum was unable to accompany my dad into the hospital so she had to wait in the car. This means that when the nurse was explaining how to use the equipment he wasn’t 100% sure. My mum called my neighbour over, a family friend that my mum has worked with for many years, who also lives alone. But we disregarded the lockdown rules as this was important – but they all still wore masks and I watched from a distance. My mums friend/colleague has experience with diabetics so she was extremely helpful in explaining what everything was to my mum.

Afterwards I told my mum she had to let my sister know. Then she told me that she was already told last night that my dad was getting tested for diabetes. I don’t think I was intentionally left out of knowing, just that things were moving quite fast. My dad managed his first insulin shot himself and knows what he has to do. It’s nice that we have someone so close by that is able to help if we are struggling. My dad needs to take 1 shot a day of the daily insulin and a shot 15 minutes before each lunch/tea time. So from what I understand it will be 3 shots per day.

The news came as a bit of a shock to me but now I’ve had time to think about it. I have many friends that have type 1 diabetes and one of my friends has spoken to me in depth about what she has to do every day. It’s a scary thought because it’s new but I believe everything is going to be alright. 

Photographs For My Sister

I ordered just under 600 photos for my sister. There was a 50% off offer on a website I use regularly so decided to use the opportunity to print all the old photos that I scanned into my computer many years ago. These are photos from childhood albums of us growing up and also some older photos from before we were born from when my mum was a child. 

I think these would be a really nice thing for her as she has a small family of her own now. I think that all families have some sort of unorganised collection of photos. I want to get some more printed as well of family photos we’ve taken over the many Christmases and events that have passed. I think that she would appreciate this. Even my nephew will appreciate it when he is older, to have photos of his grandparents and uncle – and child photos of his mum as well!

I have bought a ‘photo organiser box’ thing. It has 16 compartments that can hold 100 photos each. So the whole thing will be able to hold up to 1,6000 photos. This will be a great way so she is able to add her own photos to it as well. I’m going to spend tomorrow with my parents looking through the photos and getting them into estimated piles for each compartment. The first compartment will be older photos from before my sister and I was born. The second and third might be sorted into family holidays and birthday parties. I’m not sure exactly but I’m quite excited to make a start on it.

Cashless Society

I read online that some supermarkets card/contactless machines went offline and people were asked to pay by cash. This got me thinking about the last time I used cash; not counting the times I’ve borrowed notes off my mum to get fuel. I don’t think I’ve used physical money since February 2020. Every purchase I’ve made has been either a card or contactless transaction. 

I really miss using coins. I sincerely hope that we can all go back to using coins after lockdown is over. I’m the kind of person that would save up all my coins and use them at self scan machines – usually before the store closes so I don’t have a queue behind me. At one point I had over £30 in small change. 

I also love foreign currency. I would always ensure I brought some back with me. I know it’s pointless. But I would put it in a small box in hopes that I could go back to that place at some point. That came in very handy when my Aunt was travelling through somewhere that required euros but her final destination didn’t use euros. I gave her a few €1 and €2 coins. Saved her a lot of money on unfair exchange rates at the airport. 

I am also a bit of a coin collector. If I see a limited edition coin I would keep it. I have so many obscure 50p coins. I also have some of the older 10p and 50p coins when they were thicker. Although I have no memory of actually using those coins, I still find them fascinating.  

A Normal Work Day

On Wednesday we were back to doing our normal job. It felt so good. There was 6 of us in total on site and I got a chance to see Ben again. We didn’t get much chance to talk but I was trying to remain as normal as possible. Erin was also working with us. Our project has almost come to an end and a part of me doesn’t want it to end. I really enjoy working with my team. We have about 2 months left I reckon.

Vaccinations at 9.4%

Today the vaccinations in Scotland are up to 9.4% of the population for the first dose. I do wish the number would rise a little faster as this is our way back to normality. Next week there is meant to be mass vaccination centres opening up over the country – also a review of lockdown restrictions on Tuesday.

91 million people worldwide have had their vaccination that is up from 60 million last week.

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