January 2021

Daily Diary – January 2021

My daily diary where I will write a few sentences about each day. By doing this I hope to discover and appreciate the finer moments in my life and perhaps recall the journey of this year when I reach the end.

From the people I meet, the video games I play or the time I go to bed, good days and bad days, I will continue to write.

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Happy New Year! Went for a walk with Lisa and her boyfriend in the evening, walking their friends dog. Continued playing Dynasty Warriors 9 on PS4. Went to bed around 10pm. 

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Woke up very early and played PS4 all day. Met Nicola and Paul for a walk around the park at 8pm and went to McDonald’s on the way home. 


Met Dani, an ex work colleague from the supermarket and I hadn’t seen her since I left last January. We just sat in our cars down at the beach and chatted for 2-3 hours. Then when I got home I played PS4 late into the night. 


Traveled into town with Erin to get new vape juice. My new vape also arrived, it’s so cool! Nicola Sturgeon announced lockdown starting at midnight. Not working in the office until further notice. 


Not at work today. Continued playing PS4 all day. Ordered takeaway. Received a phone call to ask me to return to work tomorrow as my job cannot be done from home. 


First day back at work, car was frosty! Only 2 people in large office so I cleaned up my new desk where I will be working from for the next few weeks. Discussed workload with colleague for the next few weeks. Plenty to do. Went to supermarket at night to stock up on essentials and get fuel. 


Big day at work doing a stock take. There was so much lifting to do. Also hoovered the office and tidied up a little more. I am exhausted but happy to keep myself busy. Played FF14 with Mike all night. 


Asked to leave work early today as I was exhausted. Ordered takeaway and completed Dynasty Warriors 9 (platinum trophy). I feel satisfied. Then I played Final Fantasy 12, a save file from 2017, got frustrated so played FF14 with Mike. 

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Saturday. Woke up at 4pm. Met Lisa for a walk at 9pm, ended up waking for 2 hours. Paths were so slippy and my legs were killing me. I enjoyed getting out for fresh air and to be able to socialise a little. 


Woke up at 4pm again. Started playing ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, working through my back catalogue of games. 


Monday at work today. Finished stock take. Started on our next tasks. Had quite a big lunch. Had a long nap when I got home. Played more ‘Beyond: Two Souls’. Late night gaming session. 


Less productive day at work but still satisfactory. Another nap when I got home. Completed ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ so went to bed a little after midnight. 


Work. Not very productive. Feel a little down and unwell. I’m too tired and just want to nap. Played FF14 with Mike until 4am. 


Very productive day at work. We learned of a timeframe of tasks to be done in the coming weeks – subject to change due to lockdown restrictions. 


Arrived 40 mins late to work because I slept in. Boss came into office just after lunch to drop things off. Wrote my weekly diary entry. Started playing ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’.  I really like it.

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Saturday walk with Lisa was moved to tomorrow because we were both a little exhausted. I also just wanted to play games. So I never left the house at all.


Wished my crush a happy birthday. Met Lisa for a late night walk, we didn’t walk far as we were both tired and I hurt my leg a little. Completed the story of ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ and will attempt to 100% it this week. 


Not very productive day at work as it was a slow day. Went for a short drive before going home from work. Ordered a takeaway and played FF14 with Mike. Wasn’t too impressed with my potato fritters and cheese sticks but didn’t want to get pizza as per usual. 


Got a new mobile number today as it was a better deal for data and a new network. Had a chilled evening and played FF14 with Mike. 


Drove work van today and bumped into Ben. We waved to each other but didn’t chat much. Went to supermarket for food for the rest of the week and some energy drinks. Watched some coronation street. 


Long day at work, not much happened, I Didn’t nap in the afternoon. I played FF14 with Mike until late. I had an early night. 


Finished work at lunch time to meet Rachel for a walk. It was awesome to catch up. Accidentally napped for 5 hours so will probably be awake until the early morning hours. 

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Cancelled plans with Lisa as I wasn’t feeling great. Woke up at 3pm. Played FF14 for a few hours with Steven and then ordered myself a takeaway. Watched some anime and chilled until late night. 


Woke up late and made last minute plans for a small stroll with Rachel at the local park. Played FF14 with Mike. Watched some anime and chilled out until bedtime. 


Busy day at work, lots of work done, but still finished at 2pm. Dad was sent to hospital, parents arrived home just before 5pm. Dad has been diagnosed with diabetes. Got to get used to insulin shots. Spent the rest of my evening in my bedroom writing. 


I didn’t do much today. Few hours at work. Went to supermarket. I also started watching a new anime, ‘Darker Than Black’. Tried to have an early night, failed. 


Very big day at work. Felt a little more like old times at work. Worked with Erin and Ben, got a little jealous. Met Lisa in the evening for a walk although we didn’t walk very much and sat in our cars and chatted. 


Today was a good day! Such a productive day at work. I never had a nap but lay down for a few hours. Spent 6 hours watching anime!


Today was a Positive mental day. Great day at work. Started playing ‘Ni no Kuni: Remastered’, really enjoyed the original. Played FF14 online with Mike for a few hours and had an early night. 

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Woke up at 12:30pm. Started to organised my photo gift for my sister with my mums help. Met Nicola and Paul for a walk with their dog, hopefully our walks will become a weekly event again. Had a late night and watched the weeks Coronation Street. 


Didn’t wake up until 3pm today. Played video games all day. Cleaned my bedroom of energy drink cans and drove to recycling centre (less than a 5 min drive away). Played online with Mike at 10pm. 

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