Therapy and First Diary

I don’t really have much to write this week. But I wanted to write about the previous therapy sessions I have had in the past. I’ve also tried many different kinds of self therapy! 

But in the current situation I believe that this diary is the therapy I need. Diaries aren’t for everyone but I can’t stress how satisfied and happy it has made me just to get my raw emotions into words. Also with this current 2021 diary, to be so constructive and creative and I know by the end of the year I will be able to gift myself something so awesome. I do hope this will somehow help others if they come across my diary but even if they don’t and nobody else ever reads these words, I will still be satisfied. 

My first diary, that I mentioned in my previous post, wasn’t a thought out idea or plan. I found an app on my iPhone and wrote my first entry. In 2011 I had 3 blogs, 1 for my secrets, another for my dreams and a final one that was like a diary. Unfortunately I only have access to 5 of those entires, I guess my other entries must still be online somewhere with a forgotten website address. Back in those days, that was my therapy, times where I felt as if I couldn’t tell anyone my secrets or my latest crush, instead I told the whole internet. Although I doubt they’d ever be found now, but that still gives me some sort of comfort. I think one day I would like to make everything available, not sure who would want to read it, but it may be interesting for some. 

I also love how I have my diary so organised. I’m writing this straight into a word processor. I guess in that sense, I’m organising my thoughts with a plan to have everything sorted by the end of this year. That is my goal anyway and I would like to remind myself occasionally.

Lost in The Park and Stomach Issues

Last Friday I started having a horrible pain in my stomach. I felt as if it was bruised somehow and it hurt to do anything. Over the last weekend it worsened and all I could do was rest. My appetite and everything else was unchanged so I’m not really sure what it was. Even by Thursday (yesterday) there was still a slight pain. But everything seems to be back to normal. I think it may be down to the amount of energy drinks I consume. Today, 7 days later I am finally feeling back to myself again. Thursday after work I crashed out in bed around 5pm and didn’t wake up until 3am, I think that was my body recovering and catching up with the lack of sleep I have been having recently.

Wednesday I received a text from Nicola asking if I fancied a walk that evening. I was still in a little pain from my stomach issues but decided a walk may do me good. I asked if they wanted to come to a different park to walk their dog and they agreed. I think this may be the closest park to my house just less than a mile to walk to it or a 5 minute drive. Because of all the snow we had over the last week the paths seemed to be extra muddy and because it was dark there was many parts where our shoes would almost be lost. We had to turn back at one point and try to walk a different way. 

It was great to see Nicola and Paul for our weekly adventure but it wasn’t the greatest adventure. I did feel a lot better after our exercise though. I visited the supermarket afterwards and I left a muddy trail of footprints behind me! I cannot wait until the nights get lighter, I really do enjoy late night walks in the daylight – you know when it’s like 10pm and the sun hasn’t quite gone down yet. This summer I hope to get a few decent photographs of sunsets. 

Vaccinations at 25.4%

The number of people in Scotland that have had their first dose of the vaccination is at 25.4% which is 1 in 4 people. My mum is one of those people. The second dose has risen from 0.2% to 0.5% and that should be the next to grow over the coming weeks in order to offer greater protection against the virus. Next week we should have a better idea of when restrictions will be lifted. I hope they can be lifted soon so we can try get back to normal. 

216 million vaccinations have been given worldwide. 

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