February 2021

Daily Diary – February 2021

My daily diary where I will write a few sentences about each day. By doing this I hope to discover and appreciate the finer moments in my life and perhaps recall the journey of this year when I reach the end.

From the people I meet, the video games I play or the time I go to bed, good days and bad days, I will continue to write.

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Busy day at work. Felt a little unwell, dizzy spells but might just be tired. Had a nap for 3 hours then just chilled with PS4. Made myself a cheese toastie. Need a toastier maker!


Lockdown has even extended until the end of the month. Quieter day at work. Played PS4 then went to supermarket for lunch and drinks (for tomorrow) and bumped into Lisa. Sat in cars for 25-30 minutes. Shaved my face for the first time in over two months!


Busy yet such an awesome day at work! Got to work with Ben today! Also, didn’t get home until well after 4pm. Evening spent playing PS4. I feel exhausted but in a good way. 


Work. Got home after 3. Fell asleep accidentally for 6 hours, couldn’t sleep until after 4am. Payday so bought things online.


Roads to work were flooded. Took an extra 10 mins. Car park was flooded so had to park farther away. Spent the evening playing video games and went to supermarket. 

Published ‘A Better Week’ on blog.


Arranged walk with Lisa and her younger sister. Unfortunately it was heavy hailstones so we sat in our cars on video chat until it stopped. Huge muddy puddles and slippy paths but was fun. Takeaway and video games with Mike at night. 


Sister came to visit with nephew. We just sat and chilled. Met Nicola and Paul for our usual weekly walk! Video games and diary writing at night. 


Got to work this morning at 10am and got home at 3pm. Not much happened today but it snowed really heavy in the evening. Played FF14 with Mike and watched some anime.


Day off work using holiday allowance so woke up around 1pm. Also gave Dad his birthday card and gifts It snowed all day so I watched around 6 hours of anime. Attempted to move car but was unable to due to the snow.


Day off work due to the heavy snow. Managed to get my car out at night to go to petrol station and supermarket. Started playing ‘Code Vein’ on the PS4. Was unable to get a takeaway as they were all closed due to the snow.


Managed to get into work today. Arrived at 10:30 and colleague arrived just after 11. Played more video games in the evening until around 2am. Made plans with Rachel for a walk but we were both too tired.


Went into work today and had a ‘Friday Finish’ and got home for 1pm. When I got home I slept because I have a really sore stomach, not sure what is wrong but hopefully I feel better soon. Played video games and rested for the rest of the day.

Published ‘Trapped in Snow’ on blog.


Woke up just after 11am. Made plans with Lisa to go for a short walk in our local park. Snow started but we continued walking for about 45 minutes. Got home and just had a sandwich, ordered takeaway for 9pm for my parents and myself. Started playing ‘Dishonored’ on PS4 – dad’s recommendation. Stomach still painful. 


Valentine’s Day. Got a little sad that I’m single but was in so much pain with my stomach I spent most of the day in bed. Only got out of bed for dinner and played video games the entire day.


Got into work a little late and asked my colleague if we could leave early. Still not feeling myself. Took a long nap then started playing ‘Dishonored 2’. 


Better day at work. Mum had her retirement day and also got her COVID vaccine. Had a long shower and then played FF14 with Mike and had an early (1am) night. 


Longer day at work making up for my laziness earlier in the week. Went for a walk with Nicola and Paul and we got a little lost. The paths down the park were extremely muddy. Went to supermarket for snacks and drinks. 


Very busy day at work as the boss joined us and we had another company in collecting things. They were there for over 4 hours. After tea time I crashed out at 5pm and didn’t wake up till around 3am.


Feeling a lot brighter today at work. Another colleague joined us with my usual colleague. Enjoyed the banter today. In the evening I spent many hours playing video games and caught up on the whole weeks worth of Coronation Street.

Published ‘Pain’ on blog.


Spent most of my Saturday in bed. Got out of bed around 4pm for dinner with the parents. Played some video games and then ordered a takeaway for my parents and I around 9pm. Played more video games. Spoke to Lisa online for a while.


Today I didn’t do very much either. Completed ‘Dishonored 2’ and played some FF14 with Mike in the evening. I would like to buy some new video games as I’ve really enjoyed the games I’ve played this year.


A slow Monday at work but managed the workload for the rest of the week. Route map out of lockdown was released for England. I had an early night and slept by 11pm.


Lots of driving at work today but was a really good shift. Met up with Lisa in the evening for an hour. First look at my published ‘Lockdown Diary’ book. I’m impressed and quite excited. I spent the night reading over it.


Later start at work at 1pm, got home around 6pm. Worked with Erin and Ben today and it was a good shift. Takeaway at night with parents and played FF14 with Mike for about 6 hours then watched Coronation Street into the early hours.


Days holiday from work. My nephews birthday today so my sister visited and we had a little celebration with him. It was so good and I can’t believe he is a year old already. I met Rachel at night for a short walk as well and got home at 11pm.


Had a good shift at work and went for a very short drive afterwards, got home at 3pm. My evening was quiet so just played FF14 with Mike.

Published ‘Sight of a Brighter Future’ on blog.


Played video games all day. I Drove to McDonalds and got a double cheeseburger, first of the year, then went to supermarket for food and energy drinks. I took my car to the outdoor car wash the wash the exterior of my car. Late night watching Family Guy then went to sleep around 5am.


Another boring day but played video games and watched anime. Spent a few hours writing some stories and updating my diary and website. I think I should write more in these daily diary entries.

I have written 7 first drafts of ‘Chronicles of Callum’ out of 50.

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