A Late Update

A Quiet Week

I’m a little late in writing this entry this week as sometimes I write some ideas in my notepad of what I want to write about during the week. But this week I’m leaving it until the very last minute. After waking up for an almost 5 hour nap today, I am writing this at 11pm. I would say this week has been a bit boring. I have been a little anxious about coming to the end of my job as it is a temporary contract – I hope to write more about that next week. I guess you could say I’ve just been trying to get through this week as quickly as possible but I have happily just chilled out by myself after work with some video games and I’ve not really arranged any walks with any of my friends throughout the week although I did go for quite an epic walk last Saturday that I will write about today. I have also not really kept on top of my daily diary as I have just forgotten to write a few sentences each day.

A Normal Walk

Last weekend I met up with Lisa and her friend a little after lunch time for a walk. We had decided to do one of my more regular walks that is only really appropriate during the summer as all the paths can get quite muddy. Also it’s not very fun when it’s so cold you can’t stop for a rest break. It was rather difficult to park but we found spaces in the end no problem. 

I hadn’t been here since around October time. During normal times I would sometimes come here to sit in the car or for an evening walk. I know this sounds a little stupid, but we started our walk out going a direction that I have never been. So, although we are staying local due to travel restrictions, it still seemed as if I was somewhere new. It was quite sunny but still a little windy so I was wearing my thin hoody – not quite the weather for shorts yet. I think I may have to invest in a few new pairs of shorts for this summer.

Our walk in total was around 2 hours. In these far from normal times this walk felt more normal than ever. I guess you could say it felt just like a normal day apart from taking separate cars! There was an older couple with their daughter, she was a little older than me, and they had a dog. We held a gate open for them and it was nice to have that casual interaction, still keeping to social distancing. We came to a cross roads and I usually turn right but this time we walked straight, the map said that it was a dead-end but we decided to check it out. We came across a small wooden hut and we walked inside. There was an old man inside rolling a cigarette and he made small talk with us. He had said that he came to see if he could spot any birds/animals but wasn’t having any luck. We spoke about random things such as the swans and the pollution in the water. It was a nice little interaction and I can’t deny it made our walk that little bit brighter. The man left us with a smile on his face. 

We continued our walk and enjoyed the sun. I managed to get a few nice photographs as well. I’ve really gotten into taking photographs of the scenery of my adventures. I was away from the house for only 3 hours but it feels like I was away all day. I really need to focus on my fitness as I haven’t been walking as much and as far as I would have liked. I cannot wait until the nights get lighter as my favourite time to go out is at 7/8pm when it is still daylight and no need for a jacket. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a hot one. I also hope that restrictions have been lifted by then so our adventures can be a little farther and not just a part of daily exercise. 

Vaccinations at 33.8% (2.7%)

A very small increase in the people vaccinated this week in Scotland. The government acknowledge this and state that the next 2 weeks the numbers should be increases at an even faster rate than previously. I hope this is true but as it stands 33.8% of the Scottish population have had their first dose and 2.7% have had their second, which is roughly 1 in 37 people. The number of people in Hospitals in Scotland have dropped significantly with 512 people in hospital today as the vaccine seems to be having an effect on those numbers. As I check the numbers every day I don’t watch the daily briefings anymore as I don’t

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