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Last weekend on the Saturday I met up with Nicola and Paul for an evening walk. It was a really nice evening and it was still daylight when we stared our walk at 6:30pm. We were at the place where I went with Lisa a few weeks ago. I hadn’t seen either Nicola or Paul for a few weeks so we had a lot to chat about. We walked with their dog, Bear, I think she may be losing her voice a little bit as she used to bark a lot. It’s funny how when she gets a little scared of the dark she stops right in front of where I’m walking and sometimes I feel like I’ll trip over her. 

About half-way on our walk, we walk in a loop, we found a frog in the middle of the path. It was so cute and we decided to move it off the path in case someone stepped on it. Paul picked it up and moved it onto the grass. Of course I got a photo of it. A few metres down the path there was another frog so we decided to move that one as well. A lot of cyclists come down on these paths and we didn’t want any harm to come to them. Every few steps down the path there was another frog and then another. It must have been mating season or hatching season (I know very little of frogs but I think I should do a little research on them now). At one point there was about 15-20 frogs in front of us with some sitting on the backs of the bigger frogs. There must have been hundreds if not thousands of frogs down the park.

At one point we forgot to take the turn off as we were so distracted looking for frogs. So we had to turn back and retrace our steps for about 5 minutes or so. We couldn’t have continued as the path would have taken us in the complete opposite direction of our cars and it was now completely dark outside. We had been so busy looking at the path for frogs that what is usually around a 1 hour walk lasted a little over 2 hours. I had so much fun and it will definitely be a memorable walk.

Dreams: Introduction

I’m a little unsure what direction I’m going to be taking with these ‘Dreams’ diary entries. Over the last week Dreams have come up in many conversations I’ve had and I remembered about 9/10 years ago I had another blog where I wrote all my dreams in. Unfortunately I lost access to my blog and have forgotten the url to even read what I had written. Somehow I don’t think I wrote very many dreams in it as I would forget to write as soon as I woke up. 

I have decided to incorporate my dreams into this 2021 diary. I will write them throughout the week and upload them alongside my usual Friday update. The dreams written here will be those that I have had recently as I plan to write them as soon as I wake up as usually as the day goes on dreams are forgotten. My dreams might not make much sense but I think it might be a little fun to write about them and perhaps an analysis on them too. 

Dreams: Electric Shock

Standing in the smoking shelter with my work colleagues, Ben and Jerry, finishing off my cigarette. I’m the only smoker and I’m the only one that has a lighter. I can’t remember the conversation we were having but we decided to get back into the office as we had work to do. 

The rest of our team weren’t in the office today but there was 3 other guys sitting at the desks that we didn’t know. 2 men on 1 computer and 1 on the other. There was a new trend to clean underneath your PC monitor. You used a lighter under the switch to remove all the dust and make it run smoother. (I realise that might not really make any sense, but sometimes dreams don’t make sense.) The 2 guys sitting together asked to borrow my lighter and I gave them it because I wanted to see the magic trick. I was amazed the way that the dust just vanished in a few small sparks. 

The other guy sitting himself saw what had happened and asked to borrow my lighter to do the same for his monitor, I agreed to give him it. When he held the lighter just below his monitor the same thing happened with the sparks. But the guy held the lighter a little too long and somehow one of the fans below the monitor starter spinning fire! I was the only one that seen it. The guy holding the lighter had completely frozen and I realised the room was filled with electricity! I looked over to Ben and he was also frozen, completely immobilised but his face was filled with pain. There was a red isolation switch on the wall on the other side of the room and I shouted over to Jerry to switch it off. The room was filled with sparks so I couldn’t move but they weren’t touching me. Jerry almost got the main power switch when the sparks hit him. Everybody was receiving a high electric shock and I was trapped in the middle. I woke up!

I’m not sure what this dream meant or what made me want to start writing about my dreams again. Not sure if I will write about any more in my diary, but just giving myself the opportunity to do so.

Erased (anime)

I was a little unsure whether or not I would write about anime in my diary but I wanted to write about Erased. Believe it or not I had an anime blog a few years ago that I would write anime reviews that I had watched. I think I only wrote 2 or 3 reviews, I had high hopes that it would take off but it wasn’t successful. So I figured I wouldn’t write a review of the anime but my general thoughts as anime is such a great part of my life. 

Mike recommend me to watch Erased and it had been on my Amazon wish list for months so I decided to buy it and watch it straight away. Only 12 episodes that I watched over 3 nights. The main character is 29 years old and some things happen that and he gets framed for his mother’s murder. He gets transported back in time to when he was 11 years old and faces his childhood trauma of the kidnappings of 3 girls his age. Time switches a few times throughout and he manages to delay the death of the first victim by a few days and later he finally manages to save everyone but sacrifices himself in the process. He has been in a coma for 15 years, but in the end he remembers everything including the killer and manages to get revenge. All his school friends have grown up but they had never forgotten or given up on him. Even though he has spent 15 years in a coma, it seems he remembers the other timelines that had happened as well. 

Watching Erased got me thinking. The time-travel murder mystery with the main character suffering from childhood trauma eventually faces his issues and in the new timeline his dream comes true and has become a manga artist. As I am an over thinker, I had thoughts that if I was able to time travel what could I possibly change. I see myself in the main character a little; I have always wanted to be a writer but have recently (a little over a year ago) managed to escape my dead end job that was going nowhere. Also, the suggested love interest for the first half of the series ends up married with a child to another man, it was still a happy ending. My life is nothing like the anime, as I also cannot time travel (or can I?) I still found to be relatable to the main character. 

I’m not going to write about every anime that I watch. I just felt like writing about my feelings towards this. But I think I will start to include the anime I watch in my daily diary. As this website project is about bringing everything that I have ever done, in regards to writing, online in one place.

National Poetry Writing Month

April marks the National Poetry Writing Month (abbreviated as NaPoWriMo). NaPoWriMo is an opportunity for writings and poets to take on the challenge to write 1 piece of poetry each day over the month of April. I participated in this project a few years ago, I think maybe 2015, and I really enjoyed taking part. Writing prompts are available online from various websites although you don’t need to use those, you could write anything you want, but I had the chance to write using restrictions that I hope I am able to explore some more next month. 

I may post these on my website each day and by the end I will hopefully have 30 different pieces of poetry. This might give me a chance to promote my website a little and to reach out. I wonder if there will be some sort of competition this year as well, I think I will spend this weekend getting myself prepared and doing a little bit of research. I would also love to get Rachel involved as we occasionally share our poetry with each other. 

There are so many writing goals I have set myself for this year. Obviously with this current diary where I write an entry each Friday of the year. Then, my daily diary which I will eventually update on my website. NaPoWriMo, which is next month. There is also National Novel Writing Month which is in November where I plan to write a novel length story that I will think about more nearer the time. Finally, the ‘Chronicles of Callum’, 100 short stories on my life to be written any time during the year – my goal is to have 100 first drafts complete by the end of December. I know that I am more than capable of achieving these targets and I will be so proud of myself by the end of the year. 

Mental Health Check

I have already written so much in this weeks diary entry. But this is a small reminder that this diary is primarily focused on my mental health and the progress I have made. I have come such a long way since this time last year and I have created new outlets for me to deal with things when I get anxious or depressed and generally worried about life. I have felt a little ‘low’ these last few days but I know that will pass. This diary has really given me something special and as this is my THIRTEENTH entry I already have such a great collection, in my opinion. I really feel as if I’m putting all these writing projects I have created over the years together in one place, or working on achieving that, I will feel satisfaction by the end. Well, that is one of my goals.

In my seventh entry on the 12th February I mentioned I wanted to write about my feelings of depression and social anxiety situations. In truth, I have started writing about some of it but I don’t feel that I’m ready to actually finish writing that. But I feel as long as if I include that somewhere in my 2021 project I will be more than pleased. It might be in my next entry, or perhaps my 40th entry. I do hope that I manage to complete my goal of writing each week. I have already written double my target for this week as with many other weeks, that just means I won’t feel as bad if I only write 500 words one week. I’m proud of myself.

Vaccinations at 42.5% (5.1%)

As in every diary entry I have written since middle of January, I have mentioned a little bit about the vaccination progress within Scotland. I see the vaccinations as the ultimate way to beat the virus and to get out of lockdown restrictions once and for all. I don’t have very much to say about the vaccinations this week but they have raised a fair chunk again. Also, 51.1% of all Scottish Adults have been vaccinated which is over the half way mark. I still feel the need to write this heading at the end of each entry and I will continue to do so until we reach a far significant percentage.

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