Not Much

Simply Existing

This week I don’t have very much to say and if it wasn’t for the promise I made to write every Friday I probably wouldn’t be writing. Although this week I have probably been more social than I have been for over 12 months, I feel that nothing is really changing. There’s a lot happening with the easing of lockdown restrictions, my job applications and even writing some stories, but I feel that nothing is really changing when I feel as if it should be. I want things in my personal life to just improve and possibly meet someone that I can start dating. I know the saying goes something like ‘if you want tomorrow to be better you have to make those changes today’ but I’m not really seeing any progress and it’s a little frustrating. I feel that it might be time to start taking dating a little more seriously and make some effort.

I need to remember that I had issues just before lockdown hit and I feel like I may be able to start working on those issues. I don’t even know what they are as I didn’t really have time to process anything the few days/weeks before the 23rd March 2020. I sincerely hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to see the benefits of positive thinking, hard as it may be, and perhaps see things a little more clearly. My thoughts on ‘the meaning of life’ from last March prevail.


This is probably not a very big deal, it might be nothing. But I like to write in my diary when I start to experience abnormal pain. Wednesday at work (7th) I started experiencing a headache and I took some paracetamol even though I try to avoid painkillers where possible. They worsened throughout the day and became unbearable at night. I took some more paracetamol and it calmed down a bit. This is just a short paragraph in case anything happens in the near future. The headaches subsided Thursday night but it is still there. 

Vaccinations at 48.1% (9.6%)

Scotland continues to make progress in the vaccinations against coronavirus. The introduction of the Moderna vaccine, the 3rd vaccine approved for use within the UK, will hopefully aid with this quest. We continue to make fantastic progress in the suppression of the virus and we are on track for the unlocking of the restrictions. As with the percentages above, the 7-day average of cases within Scotland is at 312, down from 443 the previous Friday. 

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