April 2021

Daily Diary – April 2021

My daily diary where I will write a few sentences about each day. By doing this I hope to discover and appreciate the finer moments in my life and perhaps recall the journey of this year when I reach the end.

From the people I meet, the video games I play or the time I go to bed, good days and bad days, I will continue to write.

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Spent the day working on a job application. Wrote about 1,600 words for the application. Lisa helped me to go through it.


Applied for some upcoming jobs within my company today. Got home from work around 3pm. Sister and nephew visited. Met a friend in the evening that I haven’t seen in around 7 years.

Published ‘Spring Time’ on blog.


Quite a quiet boring day so didn’t do much. Met Lisa around 5pm for a little over an hour. Got myself a takeaway and chilled with some anime, watching ‘fairy tail’. 


Feeling a little down today. Again, didn’t do much. Got a little restless so went for a solo-drive to sit at a local park in the evening at 7pm. Met Rachel near her house just before 9pm. Got home and played FF14 with Mike for a few hours.


Not a very productive day at work. Went for a short drive afterwards. Sister and nephew visited. Met Lisa for an hour. Dani messaged at 10pm to say she was in town, sat for an hour or so. Unable to sleep at night.


Finished work at 2pm and met up with a friend for an hour that I haven’t seen since November 2019. Accidentally slept for 3 hours after tea but played FF14 with Mike for a few hours. 


Headaches at work. Was meant to go to crazy golf with Rachel but we decided on a short walk instead. Headache worsened at night so lay in dark bedroom unable to sleep.


Very short day at work finishing before lunch! Spent the afternoon chilling and then went to the park around 7pm to get out the house. Went to the supermarket afterwards to get frozen food and energy drinks. Early night and asleep by 11pm


Met up with Lisa in the afternoon as had the day off work. Started playing ‘Control’ on PS4 as my dad recommended it to me. Spent my spare time writing some chronicles. 

Published ‘Not Much‘ on blog. 


Visited vape store using click and collect service. Met up with Dani for a catch up. Accidentally napped for a few hours. Spent my night playing PS4!


Woke up at 4pm (oops!) then played PS4 for a few hours. Met a friend just before 9pm for a walk. Sat and chatted and got home at almost 1am.


Not required at work today so spent the day playing video games!


Small task to do at work but finished for 1pm. Announced that travel restrictions will be lifted on Friday. Played PS4 at night.


Very long day at work and got home just after 4pm, 2 and a half hours of driving. Sister and nephew came to visit during the day. Fell asleep before 10pm was very tired.


Finishing up tasks at work from the previous day. Lisa and I washed our cars. Played FF14 with Mike in the evening for a few hours.


Had to be at work for 9am today. Got myself finished for 1pm. Got home for a nap and then traveled to my happy place, 45 minute drive away.

Published ‘Almost Forgot’ on blog.


Met up with Nicola, Paul and 2 of their friends for a full day of adventure. Crazy golf was too busy so drove to get fish and chips and then drove somewhere else to get ice cream.


Had a ‘low mood’ day, got out of bed at 3pm, didn’t do very much. Went to my favourite supermarket 25 minutes away and to enjoy the drive. Showered and chilled evening.


Nice day at work with decent weather. Met up with Lisa for a few hours for a catch up. Got takeaway food with parents at night and was asleep by midnight. 


Working with my boss today. Was nice to be passenger in work vehicle! Sister visited (parents were babysitting for my nephew as she worked). Watched anime at night (fairy tail). 


Another day at work, got finished around 1ish. Cousin visited from west coast to pick something up and she chatted for around 15-20 minutes. Met up with Lisa again in the afternoon. 


Morning off work for a meeting but busy afternoon at work. Stopped off for a cheese and ham toast with my colleague. Met up with Rachel at the local park in the evening for a good catch up. Got myself a McDonalds and went to bed exhausted before midnight.


Early finish at work and had to nap as was a little run down. Started playing a new PS4 game, Nier: Replicant, stayed up late to write my diary and catch up on the weeks Coronation Street.

Published ‘A Busy Yet Positive Week’ on blog.


Last minute plans with Nicola and Paul for a wee walk and then went for ice cream. Spent the rest of the evening playing PS4. 


Spent entire day playing PS4. Dad received his second dose of vaccine. Early night. 


Walk and Adventure with Lisa and her friend, we went somewhere new and got some nice photos. Wasn’t feeling too great in the evening so went for a drive by myself. Couldn’t sleep. 


A few hours at work in the morning and away by 11am. First haircut of the year! Also trip up town to bank and Greggs. Accidentally fell asleep for a few hours and played more PS4. 


Work today and played PS4 in the evening. Sister and Nephew came for a visit. Had to go to supermarket to get food and drink for the rest of the week. 


Finished work at 3pm. Feeling a little rough, hay fever has been horrendous. Spent my entire evening playing ‘Nier Replicant’ and finally completed all endings.


Finished work at 2pm today. Spent my afternoon working on my writing. Visited Steven at the evening. Got home around 10pm and had an early night.

Published ‘Gaming Birthday’ on blog,

I have written 16 first drafts of ‘Chronicles of Callum’ out of 50.

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