Old Teacher

I bumped into an old teacher from when I was at primary school (when I was about 11/12 years old) and somehow she was the only teacher I couldn’t remember. At first I was determined that she had mistaken me for someone else, but she knew my first and last name. She then proceeded to say more names of my class mates of the time. I had suddenly remembered that my P7 teacher was off for a few months (I’m not sure why he was off) and this teacher was in fact covering us for the time he was off. 

We were only able to speak for 5 or so minutes but she reminded me of the end of year show we put on. Every year there would be a show that the whole school would put together for the rest of the school and then for parents in the evening. She reminded me of my solo piece where I came on stage in front of everyone with a painters pad/palette and a paint brush and would pretend to paint the audience and then screw up my face. Obviously it was relevant to the theme of the show but I can’t remember anything else from that night. I can remember feeling so nervous and I took so much pride in my 2 minutes of fame on the stage. I can’t believe that this teacher remembered me after about 20 years and she unlocked a memory I never even knew I had.

Another thing I remembered after speaking to my old teacher, a little unrelated, but it was my sisters end of year service. She never had a solo piece like I did in my final year but her class sang a song. I can’t remember what the song was but I think it was a charity single for something. I must have only been about 9 or 10. But I can remember that she cried and everybody in my class looked at me because they knew she was my sister and I couldn’t stop crying myself. My sister was sad that she was leaving primary school and off to the big school. Although this event is for the entire school, it was always a little emotional for those that were leaving. I think these days they may call it a mini graduation and that is exactly what it was like. 

A Creepy Encounter

Okay, so my headings might be a little too extreme but this was quite a creepy encounter I had with a friend. I use the word friend lightly as I’ve only met this guy a handful of times. He lives around a 45 minute drive away from me and we had made plans a few days in advance. The original plan was to meet half way and maybe take a walk in the park, we hadn’t planned that much when he suggested other plans. He asked me to go to his house. I understand that household visits are not allowed at this point but I felt like it could be justified. His grandad, who he lives with, has been in hospital for a few days and he wasn’t getting out anytime soon. He told me that he has had no contact with anyone else, other than his grandad, for weeks. So I thought that it would be okay to go visit him for a bit. I arrived at his around 8pm. 

Things seemed all right when I arrived as he was finishing off tidying up his kitchen. I stood in the hall way for a few minutes as he was looking for his cigarettes. His music was blaring a little too loud and I found it quite difficult to hear him. He then proceeded to get out a box and some strange kind of packet. It was a covid test. He wanted me to take one and at first I thought he was joking around but he was very serious. I completely understand if he wanted me to test myself before arriving but I felt like it was forced onto me without any warning. I was already in his house. As we waited for my results we stepped outside for a cigarette and to chill out for 20 minutes.

When we got back indoors, my covid result was negative, and he asked me if I could smell the smell he could smell. I had no idea what he was talking about and then he said it was a little like burning. He checked his cooker. Told me it wasn’t his candle and it was generally strange. I jokingly asked if it was me and held out my t-shirt from my chest. He looked disgusted and told me that it was. I said that I had been on a sun bed the previous day and its probably just the sun bed smell. He told me that I had to shower. Again, I laughed and thought that he was joking but he was very serious. At this point I thought about just leaving but noticed that he had quite a fancy power shower and I kind of wanted to try it. The shower had great pressure and I spent a little longer than needed to in there. After my shower I put my boxer shorts back on and sat in the living room with him, I didn’t have body confidence issues at this point as he is a slightly larger guy.

We decided to order pizza and watch a bit of TV as I attempted to speak about what he had been up to. Conversation was a little difficult but somehow the pizza delivery was faster than expected. Again, conversation didn’t really seem to pick up. Afterwards we went into his bedroom and sat on his bed and watched a few YouTube videos. His bedroom was pretty bare, there was no kind of personalised decoration or very much colour to his bedroom. White bedsheets, white carpet, black TV unit, grey curtains. You can definitely tell a lot about a person by what is in his bedroom. I found it very hard to figure out what his interests were, could it be possible he had no interests. 

It was almost midnight and I told him I had to go home soon. I lied and said that I had plans in the morning. We went for a final cigarette in his garden before I collected my things (empty juice can and my jacket) and I asked him when he was going to see his grandad. He told me he didn’t know and that he was going to call in a few days. I mentioned to him that my dad spent a good portion of last year in hospital and that I was there for him if he needed. Although he didn’t seem interested in anything I had to say. I understand that he was probably not in the greatest mental state but to not even acknowledge something important to me like that felt a little insulting. I enjoyed the drive home but I didn’t feel that great about seeing my friend, more like a chore, and I felt him to be a little too controlling.

An Almost Isolation

I was with Lisa earlier in the week and we were just chilling out in our cars down at the beach as we regularly do. Lisa got a phone call from one of our friends with some not so good news. She had just tested positive for covid. Lisa had to return home immediately as she had to self isolate. We discussed a little of the contact they had a few days prior as we drove back to the street where Lisa lives. We had a conference chat with the 2 of us plus our friend to discuss how everyone was feeling. 

We all ordered lateral flow tests, the ones that you do at home and get results within half an hour. The tests arrived the next day and Lisa and I were both negative but as the contact tracers contacted Lisa about her isolation period, they suggested she go for a PCR test (the one that gets sent away to the labs). Thankfully that was also negative. 

Lisa has to test again before her isolation period ends so that she is able to return to uni. She also plans to do another lateral flow test beforehand. I also have a few more tests that I will do, just in case. Neither of us have any symptoms so there’s a great chance we don’t have covid but I think at this stage its better to be safer than sorry. I have been keeping in more contact than usual with Lisa in case she needs anything, but her housemate and boyfriend are also there for her as they don’t need to isolate either.

Level 2 Restrictions

Scotland moves to level 2 covid restrictions on Monday 17th May. Every region in Scotland apart from Moray which will remain in level 3 for an extra week. This means that we are now allowed to visit our friends and family indoors and we don’t need to physically distance when indoors. Also, we are allowed to travel anywhere in Britain as the restrictions are eased throughout the UK. I just hope that this is a permanent lifting of restrictions.

This means that I am able to visit my friends in their homes and instead of sitting down a beach in our cars we can sit in our houses with each other. I can’t wait to have a movie night at Lisas or to have Nicola and Paul over at my house for a video game night. I am also trying to arrange some drinks with my sister and one of our friends (my sisters best friend and my ex-work colleague) and one of our other friends. We used to all have a drink together every other month or so and I think I’ve only seen our friend 2 or 3 times throughout lockdown and that is when I have been in the supermarket. 

I also have a feeling that I’m allowed to date again and possibly meet new people. I feel that I’m allowed to make plans for the future again. I just hope that restrictions don’t get tighter again. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle another lockdown. 

Vaccinations at 54.6% (28.8%)

I feel that this final sub heading will is not really required anymore, as I have said previously, but I still feel the need to include it. This is more for my reference when I look back on my diary I want to be able to see where in the pandemic we are as I read my entries. Case rates in Scotland have been on a slight increase this last week although we are easing restrictions. I feel that we are heading towards herd immunity at this stage. I know that throughout the UK there is 998 people in hospital with covid. This is the first time this has happened since the middle of September last year. 

Although I am still extremely anxious of what will happen in the future. This last time year I was sat at home and my dad was in hospital and I felt like I was trapped in a terrible movie. But, as always I am so thankful for being able to write and record these diary entries and I will continue to do so for the rest of the year.

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