I am so exhausted. Scotland, last Monday, went down to covid level 2 in most mainland. So, I was able to visit another household and being able to go out with even less restrictions. Of course I am very happy about this! But, I am so exhausted. I feel as if I have done as much this week as I have done the rest of the year combined. 

I feel that I’m just catching up on lost time. Still going to work throughout the week and then having big plans in the evening. I’ve also had so many late nights and had to nap just after work so I had the energy to do things. It’s a little overwhelming. I want to write about some of the things I’ve done in this diary entry.

Household Visit

So, I really haven’t been to many other households this week. But on Monday I was hanging out with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a few years because we had a big fall out. We were catching up and decided to see what Steven was up to as we are all friends. We got to Stevens house a little after 8pm. It felt a little crazy being in his house with someone else so late at night and what we were doing was completely legal. It felt nice just to relax and we all sat on the couch together watching video game trailers and sone anime clips. It felt like a normal night and it wasn’t planned.

I had plans for a movie night at Lisa’s but that hasn’t happened yet. But we will hopefully be able to do that this week at some point. It feels like such a relief being able to visit my friends indoors again.


I have been talking about Nando’s for so long. It is one of my favourite restaurants. I had Nando’s last year but because they only offered a takeaway service it wasn’t quite the same. Rachel and I had planned to go here as soon as it was allowed and it felt like such an awesome experience. We also didn’t have to share cars to get here as it was a bit of a drive. It felt so good not worrying about social distancing in her vehicle. 

We have plans to go to Wagamama next week but I’m not sure if we will try get a shopping trip arranged or if we plan to just eat out. 

Vaccinations at 56.4% (32.4%)

The cases in Scotland seem to be on the rise again but with our vaccinations at such a good rate I feel that the hospitalisations and deaths related to covid will stay low. It is such a worrying time as we are unlocking, cases are expected to rise, I think I might get my first vaccination soon. But I don’t have very much else to say on the matter at this time. I’m trying my hardest not to overthink and get myself worked up over it all.

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