May 2021

Daily Diary – May 2021

My daily diary where I will write a few sentences about each day. By doing this I hope to discover and appreciate the finer moments in my life and perhaps recall the journey of this year when I reach the end.

From the people I meet, the video games I play or the time I go to bed, good days and bad days, I will continue to write.

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Woke up a little after 12 and tidied my bedroom a bit. Got myself showered and shaved for the first time eating out in 2021. Food and ambience was fantastic but got a headache on the drive home so had to nap for an hour. Spent the rest of my night writing.


Woke just after 12 again with a message from Nicola asking if I wanted to go out for a fish and chips. Unexpected as I seen them yesterday but I didn’t hesitate. I got a battered burger and then we went for ice cream. I met Lisa around 9pm and we went to supermarket together and talked about life. Got home and play video games. 


Mayday bank holiday so a long lie was had. Spent my day playing video games. Was feeling a little down in the evening so went for a little drive by myself for a few hours listening to music and thinking. I got home and had a bath and listened to music for a little while. 


Nice day at work. Didn’t do much in the evening so played PS4 and then went for a long drive by myself in the evening.


Work with Erin today, really good shift but didn’t finish until after 4pm. Sister and nephew visited and it was great to see them. Met up with Lisa for an hour as she was helping her boyfriend work. Got home a little after 10pm.


Awesome shift with Erin today and we left work before 3pm. I accidentally napped for a few hours and met up with Rachel. Went for a 6 minute sunbed and drove to a Loch and sat for a few hours to catch up. Making plans for the coming week. Election Day so went to polling station to vote. 


Started work a little after 8am and got home just after 3pm. Lay in bed for a little while until dinner. Fell asleep and worked on my website in the evening. I left my house just before midnight to meet up with my ‘New Friend’ Billy and never got home until 4 in the morning and watched the weeks coronation street. Finally went to bed a little after 6am.

Published ‘More Normality’ on blog.


Woke up a little after 12 today. Visited a friend about 45-50 minutes away. Didn’t have such a great time, but got home after 2am.


Lazy Sunday afternoon in bed. Didn’t do very much but play video games and watch random videos on YouTube.


Busy Monday at work. Lots of travelling. Met up with Lisa in the evening and we sat down at the beach. Ordered some covid tests to do at home. 


Quiet Tuesday at work. Got finished just before 2pm. Sister and nephew were visiting and done a covid test (negative result). Washed and hoovered my car in the evening at the outdoor car wash. Also went to supermarket to buy cigarettes. 


Long day at work with Erin. Didn’t get home until after 4pm. Fell asleep before 8pm and slept for almost 12 hours, must have been needed!


Work again with Erin but finished a little after 2pm. Bumped into one of my old teachers that I will write about in my diary. Went to Burger King with Billy and we sat in my car for a few hours and then went for a very short walk. 


Went for a short drive after work by myself and then had a small nap when I got home. Spent my evening doing some writing and then played PS4. 

Published ‘Memories’ on blog.


Such a nice warm day. Visited Lisa in her garden for a few hours and then in the evening met up with Nicola and Paul for noodles and ice cream (I drove) and a bird shat on all of us. Meant to be good luck. Watched anime (fairy tail) at night. 


Spent afternoon chilling out. Lisa visited my house with her boyfriend to see about some decorating work for my parents. Visited Linda’s home in the evening, was so good to catch up with her! Continued to watch anime (fairy tail) at night.


Horrible Monday at work but finished for 3pm. Met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen for about 3 years after a fall out. Sat in my car for an hour or so and then went to Steven’s with him (they are already friends). Felt strange sitting in a house with someone else knowing that no laws are being broken. 


Slightly longer day at work as was very busy. Had a nap in the evening before meeting Billy for McDonald’s and a catch up. Watched some more anime when I got home. 


The day I had been waiting for when I finally got to go to Nandos with Rachel. It was such an awesome evening out. We also went for ice cream afterwards. Rachel drove, haven’t sat in her car for over a year! 


Exhausting day at work again. Didn’t get home until closer to 4pm so had a small nap after dinner. Arranged to meet up with Dani at the supermarket and we went for a drive to McDonald’s and chatted in her car until 2am. So much to catch up on.


Another exhausting day at work but had McDonald’s for lunch. We actually went inside to order and ate in the work van. Met up with Lisa for a catch up before heading through to see my new friend. 

Published ‘Overbusy’ on blog.


Woke up at 3pm today and it felt great sleeping in so late. Spent most of my day watching anime ‘fairy tail’ and then played some ‘Soul Calibur 6’. Got myself a takeaway in the evening and caught up on the whole weeks Coronation Street.


Lazy Sunday with not very much planned so I started playing ‘Tales of Zestiria’ on the PS4. Met up with my Billy about 7pm to go to supermarket for my snacks for the week.


Quite a nice Monday at work with a fair amount of driving. Finished and home for 3pm and spent most of my evening playing PS4. Also had myself an early night.


Little busier day at work but still finished for around the same time at 3pm, Was quite an anxious day for me and I’m not sure why. My neck started to hurt a little bit and covid test was negative. I drove to a park in the evening to chill out by myself for a little while.


Worked with Erin today and it was a nice day spent mostly driving. Got home a little after 3pm again and spent my evening on the PS4. I was supposed to meet Billy in the afternoon but he was busy and thought I meant later on so we never met until after 9pm.


Day off work using holiday allowance. Went to shopping centre about an hours drive away. Rachel got into my car and we went to Wagamama. It was such a nice relief getting back to a little more normality. Spent a lot of money in lush but I don’t regret it. Met up with an old work friend at night to get McDonald’s happy meals for the Pokemon cards.


Spent most of my evening playing PS4. Arranged to meet Jamie, a friend I’ve not seen since last year. I drove to his and he drove us to Kirspy Kreme for a milkshake. It was so nice to catch up and I didn’t get home until 2am. Then I watched the weeks Coronation Street episodes and went to bed around 4am.

Published ‘Uncertainty’ on blog.


Lisa and I went out in my car to a quiet spot near the beach to work on our laptops. Met up with Billy at night as he was a little upset. Enjoyed a very late gaming sesh watching the whole weeks episodes of Coronation Street. 


Woke up around 1pm today. Had Chinese food with my parents but then afterwards I had to take my dad back into hospital. We waited for 4 hours and I wrote about it in my diary. Couldn’t sleep so was up till about 5am. 


Quite a depressing day at work but I was working with Ben. I wrote another entry for my diary. Went out for a small drive and washed my car. Played PS4 at night and watched Coronation Street. 

I have written 16 first drafts of ‘Chronicles of Callum’ out of 50.

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