Future Hobbies

My vaccination 

Last weekend I got my first dose, out of 2, of the vaccine for protection against the coronavirus. I received the Pfizer vaccine. Hopefully this will get us one step closer to the road out of lockdown. 

My vaccination was around 1400 hours but we headed down for 1330 as I didn’t want to be late. My dad wanted to come with me so I didn’t have to stress about driving home if I had a bad reaction. Also, I drove him for his vaccination as well. 

I had to register at one of the shops that had been outfitted with a front desk and lots of seats spaced 2 metres apart. Although the room wasn’t lit very well it was bright enough to see. I told the person behind the plastic screen my name and confirmed my date of birth then I was asked to take a seat. I only sat for 1-2 minutes and was then asked to go to the second converted shop to wait for my vaccine. There was only about 6 seats in here and spaced apart 2 metres. Whenever somebody was called up the staff would come and sanitise the seat. There was screens separating each of the small desks, 12 in total, all numbered with the nurses name written on a board above where they sat. 

I was the 3rd person in the queue and I was called up pretty fast. I had someone ask me questions such as if I had any allergies to anything, if I had taken part in any of the vaccine trials or if I had any symptoms of covid. I said no to those questions and I was fine to continue. She left and the nurse that was doing the jabs spoke to me. She was very nice and I told her that I had a huge fear of needles. She told me that she just wanted me to relax my arm and look straight ahead. Before I knew it she said it was done and I was a little shocked that I didn’t feel anything, there was no blood either. She told me that I had to walk around to the other waiting area and sit for 10-15 minutes in case I have a reaction. 

There was about 20 or so seats here. I sat down and read the leaflet I was given about any side effects. I closed it as I didn’t want to overthink any negative possible outcome so then I sent a few messages on my phone. After about 12 minutes I got up and left and met my dad who was sitting on one of the chairs outside and then we started walking back to the car. 

I think I was the only person to have someone with me, although my dad never came anywhere near the place. That made me feel very lucky to have someone that would do that for me! I think in total I seen around 25 people getting their jabs. But we got back to the car for 1400 hours, the time my vaccination was supposed to be at. 

That evening I went out with Lisa and her boyfriend to the beach and a walk around another town. It was a nice day, about 24 degrees, with very little wind. My arm started to hurt a little. By the time I got home and played my PS4 for a few hours, my arm was a lot more painful. I’m unable to lift my arm up high and there is a slight throbbing pain. 

The next day at work on Monday my arm was throbbing and at one point I had to remove my jumper as I thought my arm may explode. I asked my colleagues if it looked swollen but they couldn’t see anything wrong. Luckily that evening I went for a short nap and by the time I had awoken the pain was completely gone. 

Time Lapse II

Last week I wrote about time lapse videos and this week I wanted to write a little more. I have managed to capture quite a few videos that I think would look great if I was to post them online. I’ve always had a fascination with photography as well as my writing. I have a few plans in my mind to where I want to go to shoot some time lapse videos. I may need to adapt my website to showcase my videos but I am a little unsure of the small details yet. For now, I will continue to capture a few more videos.

Earlier in the week I decided to go out to a coastal location to attempt to get a sunset but the car park I got to was full of people and I got so anxious I was unable to leave my car. I don’t want to look stupid. But I felt more stupid for not just getting out my car and doing what I needed to do. I ended up driving to another smaller car park and got out my car immediately to get a shot down at the water front. I sat by myself on a bench for around 30 minutes but I wasn’t too impressed with the final footage. 

I guess it could take many attempts to get what I want as I do have a final image in my head of what I want to create. I am determined to try this and make a final product that I can be equally as proud of as with my writing. Also, I bought myself a new piece of equipment to aid the stability of my camera. I haven’t bought myself anything new for what feels like forever and I think I could get a good use out of this. 


Today we had a family day planned at the ‘The Scottish Deer Centre’ in Fife with my parents, sister, nephew and brother-in-law. We were all very excited to spend the day together as an entire family as everybody was free (I booked a days holiday and my sister and brother-in-law were off this whole week. 

The day started off great but unfortunately my parents had to leave after 30 minutes or so because my dad was in so much pain with his stomach. He had more scans this week and hopefully he gets his results next week as to what the problem actually is for sure and how they can help him. As my parents left I was able to stay as my brother-in-law was going to drive me home afterwards, also so that my dad was able to spend more time with my nephew as it was obvious he was quite disappointed he was unable to stay.

I have a feeling that somehow we managed to start at the end of the trial as everybody was walking towards us. It was a nice day out but it was obvious that we were unable to fully enjoy ourselves as my sister and I were worried about our dad. I was so proud of my nephew being able to walk for about 80% of the journey! He must have been exhausted afterwards. My nephew is more interested in sticks and rocks from the ground than the actual swings and chutes and at one point he picked up a ‘large’ stick but I managed to pick up a much larger stick and his reaction was ‘oh wow!’ And it made us all laugh.

At the very end of the trial (or supposed beginning) we were able to feed the deer with the pellets we bought at the ticket kiosk. The park wasn’t overly busy so the deer came over when they seen that we had food. It was honestly so relaxing just to chill with about 5 or 6 deer. I know that they were probably only giving me attention because I had food in my hand. But I felt a little special so tried to drag it on for as long as possible.

Vaccinations at 65.7% (46.4%)

The progress of vaccinations is going very well with 65.7% of the entire Scottish population received at least the first dose (including myself). 34% of 18-29 year olds have had their first vaccine and 73% of 30-39 year olds have had their first vaccine. In Scotland, we are on track to giving everyone over the age of 18 a first vaccine dose by the middle of next month. The second doses are mainly administered to those aged between 50-54 over the last 7 days but we are slowly working ourselves down the age brackets.

Although cases are rapidly rising again with cases over the 1,000 mark each day in Scotland, I’m unsure what the next few weeks will have in store for us. It seems to be those of us that are not fully vaccinated that are going into hospital, but it will be difficult to tell exactly how this will pan out. I must remain optimistic as the vaccines are doing their job.

I had hoped to write a little more this week but my word count is already around 1,500 words. I feel like I’m missing something that I should have written a few days ago. Perhaps it will come to me over the weekend. I’m going to spend a few hours at some point updating my website a little and a little organisation of my pages. This is my 25th entry and I cannot believe I have stuck to this new years resolution and I am almost half way through this project. 34,000 words have been written so far in this diary, although it is completely unedited and full of spelling and grammar errors but I quite like it that way. 

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