Summer Time

My New Friend: Billy

So, my ‘New Friend’ that I’ve mentioned previously, in my daily diary entries, finally gets a name. His name is Billy and he is a little bit younger than I am. There’s definitely a slight generation gap in our humour and interests but we get on really well together. Billy is a funny guy to be around and I feel as if the age gap wasn’t that big we could probably be a little more than just friends. Although I am more than happy with our friendship I am still not ready to fully open up to him, I feel as if I listen more than I talk which isn’t really a bad thing.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Billy very much in my main ‘2021 diary’ but I have mentioned I’ve been with him in my ‘Daily Diary’ entries. I will probably edit all the times I’ve referred to him as my ‘New Friend’ to ‘Billy’ because I feel that the people I have named in my diary are the ones that have a bigger impact on my life. Billy has accompanied me to the shops and also on my adventures to do some photography work out and about, I would happily go alone, but the company is nice. I do ask if he’s bored and try to entertain him but the conversation is always interesting and can be a little random at times. 

I would say that I am glad we have become friends. I am so excited to see where our friendship goes! Although I haven’t really been able to open up as much to him, I feel as if that’s not  as important. Maybe because I feel like I’m helping him and that gives me satisfactory feelings. Perhaps I could write a little more about Billy but I’m not sure what else I could say except I hope that our friendship continues strongly.

An Old Friend: Tom

Last weekend I met up with Tom. We hadn’t seen each other in so long, I would guess around 5 years or so. We had also regularly lost touch as he would sometimes deactivate his social media accounts but we would probably message each other every couple of years. He had said to me a few weeks ago that he wanted to go to this place that was near where I lived and I told him it would be great to finally meet up again and to see what’s new in each others lives. We set a date and time and the place that we will meet.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous as I hadn’t seem Tom in what feels like an eternity. We used to be very close and would regularly sit down at the beach at stupid late times and eat ice cream or I would assist him in taking some photographs. We would both fancy the same guys and would discuss who we had crushes on, there was never anything more between us, but we enjoyed each others company. We first met on my birthday at a nightclub in Edinburgh and we had a mutual friends house that we stayed at that night. We would then constantly text back and forth until next time we were both out.

The place that we met was very busy. I sent him my location and he walked through the crowds to meet me. We were both a little late as there was a lot of roadworks on our journey but we managed to find a quiet spot to catch up outdoors. I asked him to help me find a good spot to take a time lapse video and we set up and sat on the edge of a mini cliff and chatted about current events such as how lockdown has affected us both and our thoughts on the future. Without realising it we had sat for over an hour and then decided to go for a little exploration and then I remembered I had been here before a few years prior. Then, we went for a short drive in his new electric car as to find a charging point. I was very impressed with how well it drives as we talked about how more common they will be in about 10 years and everyone will be driving one. I hope that by the year 2031 I am driving an electric car and have been for quite a few years. The price of petrol is quite high at the moment around 130 pence per litre, it takes about £45 to fill my tank. I know that over the next few years that will probably rise a fair amount. 

I hope I get to see Tom again real soon. I accidentally left my new hoodie in the back of his car so he will need to ‘drop it off’ to me in the near future. I really hope we can explore a little more as we both seem to find the interest in the smallest of things, such as the colour of the rocks or the shapes of the clouds. Nothing has really changed all that much between us and it felt as if I had only seen him a few weeks prior.

School Buddies: Graham

I met up with an old school friend earlier in the week. I last seen him a few years ago but we lost touch easily as we are both pretty terrible with social media. We didn’t actually do very much as I arranged to meet him at a small car park near his house and I had plans to go somewhere for a walk or something. We met a little before 6pm, we chatted away for what felt like a few minutes, then it had somehow become 10pm. We had just sat in the same carpark for 4 hours and there wasn’t a silent moment.

We talked about our high school days and what everybody else is up to these days. It seems that neither of us are in the position we thought we would be in at this time of our lives when we were at school. But, that’s okay! We have our little short-term plans in place and we are taking steps to make that become a reality. It was so nice to talk about the past a little bit and I think I should maybe write some stories about my high school days

Dreams: Hallucinations

Thursday evening I went for a small nap. I haven’t been sleeping right this week as have been so busy meeting friends and working, I’ve slept in for work multiple times this week. There’s not an evening this week where I’ve been able to just stay at home. Almost every day I’ve had at least an hours nap after work as well. But the nap I had on Thursday was one like no other.

I must have fallen asleep a little after 6 and I felt like I slept for hours. I woke up. It was morning and had a phone call with someone that I’ve never met. I felt a weird feeling like I was tired but I wasn’t really tired. I was in a bed that someone else had slept in next to me but they weren’t there. Somehow I wasn’t on the phone anymore and decided to go back to sleep. It was still 6pm. I had plans but I had to cancel them. I don’t know if the person came back to bed or not as my eyes were closed. There was also a cat meowing somewhere that wasn’t in my bedroom. I don’t have a cat. 

I think I slipped between dream land and reality many times but eventually I returned and it was half past seven. I had only been asleep for an hour and a half. But I felt strange. I haven’t had a dream like that in so long. I’m not sure how it made me feel but it has been on my mind. I also realise that I haven’t written about much of my dreams in this diary but I don’t think I’ve really had any lately. 

Drive With Mike

Mike was back home visiting his parents for a few nights as he had a funeral to attend. I asked if he would like to hang out for a little while and he said he would be more than happy to. He asked if we could just go on a random drive somewhere so I took him around the coast and we talked mostly about video games. After we had driven for a little while he asked if we could stop by McDonalds and I thought that was a good idea.

We parked in the car park as I went onto the app to make an order. I don’t even know what happened but he was recording a voice note and I made a weird sound in the background and he stopped. He laughed and asked me what that sound was and I told him I didn’t know that it just sort of came out. We laughed. We couldn’t stop and we nearly cried for laughing so hard. He played the recording back and we laughed all the way through it so wasn’t able to hear so he had to play it again. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard for a long time, especially not with Mike as we haven’t played online together in a while and that is where we usually catch up. It felt great to laugh and hang out in person as we have very similar tastes in video games and music. 

I’ve had such a busy week this week, as with the many previous weeks, and I hope it continues. Catching up with old friends and making new friends makes me feel more human than I have felt in so long. As this is the beginning of Summer I have a feeling that the ‘Summer of 2021’ will be one to remember amid everything else that is going on in the world. I hope to document my summer in this diary and make it one to remember.

Vaccinations at 67.9% (48.5%)

As the focus of my diary moves away from the discussion of lockdown restrictions and more into the development of my life, as stated in most recent diary entries, writing about vaccinations is crucial. Unfortunately Scotland has recorded the most cases since the pandemic began with numbers reaching almost 3,000, the highest recorded number back in the second (or third?) wave in January was around 2,600. Although the link between cases and severe illness is becoming weaker, there is still a slight potential of things becoming worse with hospitalisations increasing as today we stand at 188 in hospital with 16 in ICU. At the last peak in January there was just over 2,000 people in hospital and I sincerely hope that we don’t see that number again. The average number of deaths is around 2-3 each day at this point with the highest average of around 60 at the end of January. Personally, I don’t know if I would be able to mentally handle if restrictions were tightened although further easing has been delayed, the date for restrictions to end is supposed to be sometime in July for England at least. All I can do is to continue to write.

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