June 2021

Daily Diary – June 2021

My daily diary where I will write a few sentences about each day. By doing this I hope to discover and appreciate the finer moments in my life and perhaps recall the journey of this year when I reach the end.

From the people I meet, the video games I play or the time I go to bed, good days and bad days, I will continue to write.

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Horrible day at work but I got finished a little earlier. Got to work with Ben for a little while. Went to Nandos with Dani and another ex-work colleague. Early night because I need to start work earlier tomorrow. My dad got home from hospital at night but has to go back for more scans in 2 weeks.


Got to work a little before 830am and met with Ben as we were working together in the morning only. Got finished work a little bit earlier today as well. My sister and nephew visited. Sister got phone call to tell her she’s a close contact so needs to isolate for COVID, she and I done lateral flow tests (both negative), she also done a PCR which is also negative. But she had to go home and isolate until next Monday.


Lots of work to do today but many things were just not going right. Didn’t get finished until 4pm and lunch break was only 10 minutes. Was meant to go to Stevens house in the evening but I fell asleep and woke up at 10pm. Don’t want to stay up too late as work early again tomorrow.


Nice day at work with Erin. Was exhausted after work so went for a long nap before meeting up with Lisa, short drive to the beach and general catch up. Met up with Billy at 11pm and we chilled out in my bedroom and I drove him home around 1am. 

Published ‘Repeat’ on blog. 


Spent my Saturday playing video games. Met up with a friend around 9:30pm, Joe, who I have never met before but spoken for a while. He doesn’t live too far from where I live. I recorded my first time lapse video of the sunset and tide coming in. I love how warm and light the evenings are getting. 


Another hot day in Scotland. Went over to Lisa’s for an hour or so because she made waffles, they were good. Then I went for a short drive before coming home and spent my evening chilling out with video games. Got myself showered and shaved for work tomorrow. 


Not a bad Monday at work as we had a fair bit to do today. Met up with Billy in the evening to chill in the outdoors as the weather was quite good. We sat on a hill overlooking the country park (taking a time-lapse video). Also, the cows escaped the field and were walking on the path.


Working with the entire team today at work. I felt stupid with the ‘letter’ that wasn’t even a letter, I wrote about in my diary. I spent the rest of the day after work feeling a little down. Met up with Mike in the evening as he is home visiting his parents.


Spent quite a bit of the day driving at work. I wasn’t working with Ben today but was in the office with him and I tried to impress him by swiping a cable back and forth. Went for a drive in the evening with Billy but the weather wasn’t that great and I got a little lost driving so we just sat in my car and chatted. Accidentally stayed up until 5am playing video games.


Work was horrible today but adventure with Rachel in the evening. Taking some time-lapse videos and enjoying the warm weather. I spent my night playing video games.


Using a days holiday from work to catch up on sleep as it was definitely required. My sister and nephew came to visit today. I met up with Billy in the evening for a mini adventure.

Published ‘Letters’ on blog.


Quiet Saturday but went for a small trip with Lisa and her friend. We went to the supermarket to get some ice cream for our journey. Then I met up with Billy for a trip to McDonalds.


Got my first Pfizer vaccination shot today against COVID. Spent the day resting but then went for an adventure with Lisa and her boyfriend to the beach. My arm was in agony.


Had an enjoyable day at work but my arm really hurt from the vaccination, so I had to nap after work then went out for a short drive at night.


Quiet morning at work but was enjoyable. We had a 2 hour meeting in the afternoon. Met with Billy at night to go to the park for photography, we seen 2 swans with their babies on the main path.


Work with Erin today and we went out for our lunch to a sit-in restaurant. Spent my evening doing a little bit of video editing. I was supposed to meet Graham, an old friend from school, but he had to cancel.


Day off work as I took a days holiday. Feels like a wasted day as I couldn’t find motivation or energy to do any of the things I wanted. Although I met up with Lisa at night for an hour or so. Then I went for a drive in the evening by myself to chill out.


Day off work today to go to The Scottish Deer Centre. I wrote about this in my diary, my dad had to go home with mum but I stayed with sister, nephew and brother in law. I enjoyed feeding the deer! Met up with Billy at night time to go for ice cream. 

Published ‘Future Hobbies’ on blog.


Chilled Saturday. Spent the day doing a little organising of my diary. I played FF14 for a little bit and then went to the supermarket with Lisa to get a few snacks and drinks.


Father’s day today, not sure what to get my dad so I got him a really nice card and a voucher to use on iTunes. I had plans in the early afternoon to meet up with Tom, who I hadn’t seen for about 7 years! It was a nice day out at a beach/coast.


Had a busy day at work today as there was a lot of driving to do so I didn’t get home until a little after 4pm. After I ate I wanted to go for a nap because I had plans to drive to watch the sunrise with Billy to try and get it on film. We sat in my car for a few hours and we were both very tired. 


I had the day off work today as I was up late last night, woke up about 3pm. Met up with an old school friend, Graham, and we talked about our school days and what we’ve been up to. Also, my sister and nephew visited for a little bit for the afternoon.


Finished work very early today so nipped to the shops with Erin to get lunch and some vape juice. In the evening I met up with Billy to do some videography work at a park.


Got home from work and went for a long nap and some pretty crazy dreams. Met up with Mike as he was visiting his parents for a few days. Went for a short drive and McDonalds. When I got home I watched the weeks Coronation Street episodes.


Finished work around 2pm and chilled out afterwards writing in my diary. Met up with Billy  in the evening and we went to the beach. It was a nice day sitting by the rocks near a lighthouse. 

Published ‘Summer Time’ on blog.


Met up with Nicola and Paul for fish n chips, I drove, it was a good day and the weather was really nice. Didn’t do very much in the evening but somehow I was still awake at 4am.


BBQ with Lisa and her university friends in her garden for a socially distant party. It was so sunny and everyone had a good time. Then, we all went to the local park taking about 4 cars – there was 12 of us (the legal social limit) plus 3 children. Then I got home and ordered takeaway and went to bed at a reasonable time.  


Extremely busy day at work. One of the best days I’ve had in such a long time. I was so exhausted when I got home and I also got to work with Ben for most of the day, I also got to drive him. 


Managed to pre order a PS5 in the morning! An even busier day at work today with Ben driving. I like sitting in the front of the vehicle when he drives. Although didn’t get to work with him for very long today. Sister and nephew came to visit then I met Lisa in the evening. I spent a few hours at night working on my diary and website.


Last day of the month. I was very grumpy at work. I can’t really explain the feelings that I felt but I just felt angry for little to no reason. My PS5 arrived about 5pm so I got it all set up. I’ve been writing in this daily diary for 6 months now so I feel that I have achieved something at least. 

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