End of August

Mental Health Check IV

I’ve not written a mental health check since the start of July and I wanted to write a little update. The last 6-7 weeks have been pretty awful with everything that has been going on but I feel that this week has been a really good week. As I’ve started taking CBD capsules I feel that I am generally more relaxed and I am doing a little more with myself throughout the week as to keep myself occupied and motivated.

Last weekend I bought myself some disinfectant wipes for my car and I wiped everything down. I know that’s not much of a big deal but for me it felt like I was cleansing myself in some weird way. I smoke quite a lot in my car and it does smell a little bit although I would never say its awful and I never get any complaints from my friends. I also used the disinfectant wipes in my bedroom and cleaned out some rubbish. My bedroom is never that much of a mess as I keep saying although something about cleaning every corner makes me feel a little more fresh. Also, opening the window and letting in some nature always improves my mood. Those little things are sometimes so hard to do and it makes it near impossible to help myself improve if I get into a depressive state. I still have a little organisation to do and maybe move things around a little but that can be a job for the weekend.

I’ve been a little more social this week. Going to a warehouse to help Dani with buying stock, to sitting down the park with Lisa, even being a little more social at work. I’ve also had the energy to play some more video games which is what I spend most of my time doing as it’s the thing I enjoy most. I haven’t been outdoors very much to do any photography work but I will hopefully do some of that over the weekend or next week. As the nights are getting dark around 9pm now it is a little easier to capture a sunset.

Monday and Tuesday at work I tried my best to be as social as possible. Just to make a little bit of small talk and trying to enjoy myself as much as possible. I done a lot of driving at work on those days and it was a little exhausting. That is why I booked myself 3 days holiday so to get the rest of the week off. I made some small plans on those days but nothing too big. I’m taking them as mental health days and give myself a little chance to heal and improve a bit. 

I don’t really feel like writing much more this week. But mental health checks are important.

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