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A New Beginning

Where am I? 
Where have I come from? 
Where do I go from here?

This was the promise made
The day you left this Earth
I write to The Moon

Under the starlight
Before the night ends
Let’s begin our journey of discovery

The Moon II

No matter where I go 
How lost I feel
You are there in the dark 
Lighting my night path

The light dims, as does my might
My journey through the dark pains, I cannot take flight 
I lose my way and start to give up the fight
I must get through this lonely night

I know that you are lost 
And you cannot be found 
But I look up
And I sense your reflection

Maybe you were never really lost 
Or never could be found 
You are right here
Inside my heart

I just want to hold you close once more 
I cannot do the impossible
But we are still born from the same light 
Under the same sky

I will never forget you!


Sometimes I have nothing much to say. 
That doesn’t mean I’m not thinking.

And sometimes I enjoy the silence. 
Because even the silence has a sound.

My Old Playlist

My old playlist
Plays the songs I used to know 
Tales the world I used to live in 
Brings back memories of then

My new playlist
Will play songs I will learn 
Create a new world for myself 
Make some new memories with you