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I’m sitting here under this tree.
The world passes by me.
I’m on a journey with this great story.
Nobody knows what’s happening.
I laugh. I cry. I hate. I love.
It’s an emotional roller coaster.

The Journey has come to an end.
I’ve experienced so much.
But when I’m on a journey.
Nobody notices.
As I read this good book.

Summer Sound

The sound of summer
Melts the winter weather
When the cold freezes over
The beat vibrates

The sound of summer
Sparks the small flame
Melting the ice
Creates a one-way path

The sound of summer
No directions or roadsigns
Glaciers disappear
Obstacles fade away

The sound of summer
Follow the scent
Diamonds appear
Once uncertain becomes the only way

Even the summer sound can melt the weak of winter.

I Am A Writer

I always wanted to be a writer
But I’m not much of a talker

I always had so much to say
But never could speak my mind

I always wanted to prove I could do it
But never had the courage to try

I always wanted you to see me
But I could not get your attention

I always wanted to be happy
But I could not stop crying

I always looked to the negative
But now I can see the sky

I always wanted to thank you
But I never got the chance to

So I’ll say it now Thank you!

The Path

The narrow path you walked
Is not wide enough for the both of us
I trail behind

Without noticing I stop walking
And before you realise
I’m gone.

The wider path that I discovered
Is enough for the both of us
But I walk alone