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I Guess It’s Too Late To Live on A Farm

I guess it’s too late to live on a farm.
Nature as far as the horizon.
The sun sets over the hills of green.
The laughter of children as they grow up outdoors.

I guess it’s too late to appreciate what we had.
A paradise where our ancestors grew up.
“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”
The nature of the world slowly dissipates

I guess it’s too late for the animals.
Caged up to satisfy our wants.
We used to appreciate their needs.
A mass production of lives.

I guess it’s too late to talk about it.
Speech will become redundant.
We learnt how to communicate.
Just sending our messages electronically.

I guess it’s too late to turn back time.
A time to grow up naturally.
We used to earn an honest living.
Humanity has become so alone.

Sometimes we live too fast to appreciate life.
We plant houses, shops and factories.
The feral city overgrown. The smoky sky above us.
It’s not too late to live on a farm.

That Word

There’s a word in the English language;
That is sacred.

Sometimes this word is overused;
It can lose its meaning.

It can be expressed in many other ways;
Be creative.

Sometimes there’s a battle that takes place;
It always wins.

This emotion often comes with many others;
It can take time.

But in the end it is the most powerful emotion in the world;
That word is…

Our Dog

Our dog that sat in the corner

Though she is no longer with us

Still sits in the corner

It still feels like yesterday…

Always a part of the family