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Dear You

Dear you,
It is I, your 21-year-old self.
Do you want to know what I have to say?
You never wanted to grow up, did you?
I was you when you became a proper adult.

Did you want to stay my age forever?
Why didn’t you want to grow up?
Do you know what your future holds for you?
Have you figured out who you are?

Dear you,
It is I, your 16-year-old self.
Are you listening?
Can you hear me speaking from inside you?
I am you, you from the past.

Did you ever get what you really wanted?
Did you find your place on the Earth?
Have you established yourself?
Maybe you’re still searching?

Dear you,
It is I, your 5-year-old self.
Are you conscious?
I’m not crying anymore, are you proud?
I felt so alone and thought that nobody wanted me.

I know I must grow older, I don’t know much about the future.
I know where I must be, I know myself the best.
I know I’m inside myself, I must call myself Proud or lose all hope.
This is my future-self. I always know who I am… I am I


A New Day
A new idea
A new chance

Take it
Grab it
Run with it

Just go
And see where you end up

You won’t know
Unless you try!

At The Weekend

It’s Monday. Back to work.
It’s Tuesday. Same old.
It’s Wednesday. Half-way there.
It’s Thursday. Can’t relax just yet.
It’s Friday. Thinking of the weekend.
Saturday comes. We drink and we party!
Sunday now – We regret it.

It’s Monday. Back to work.
We just live at the weekend.