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To Live… 

To Die…

H – E -A- R – T 

I have a heart… 

I’m heartless 

It beats for your touch

I don’t give a sh*t about your feelings 

To long for what I love

To have it turned back in my face 

To hold it deep inside

To have it ripped from inside 

Cherish it forever… my lifetime 

Trying to hurt me even more 

To say I love you

To feel the emptiness inside…  

(I have a) 

Where Am I?

Where am I?
I stand where we met
Can you see me?
I see your shadow
Am I dreaming?
I can’t wake up!

Where have I come from?
Inside my head
Where do I go from here?
Go forward
Am I dreaming?

I walk to your house
In my dreams
The streets are empty
I hear silence in the distance
Listening for you to call my name
I search the mute
Seeking the torch

My eyes close
I see
Your face

I am here.


I bleed…It hurts
Numb my pain… I feel so alone…
You can’t help
I bleed… Nobody understands
You don’t care… You don’t know me
Do you hate me?
I bleed… Will this stop the pain?

My thoughts run so fast
Is this supposed to hurt?
I don’t want to feel pain anymore
Does love always hurt?
Why did they leave me?
Why can’t I just see them?
I hate my life
This is the only way
Will I ever feel like I used to?

All I can do is say something like:
“You’re not alone, I am here for you”
“I value you as a human being”
“You are not crazy for feeling this way”
“When this is over, we will both still be here”
“I won’t abandon you”
“I’ll do my best to understand”

10 years later – We’re still on this planet
I still carry plasters – In case you bleed again

One More Step

Sometimes it may feel like
You are going nowhere
But you must go somewhere

It may feel as if nobody pays attention
Negativity will lead you backwards
You will be more important someday

Sometimes you might need to ask for help
Positivity is the only way forward
Take the chance and go for it

Just take one more step,
Start the new chapter today